Professor of Acoustics, Geophysics, Innovation emeritus

  • The more complex the system, the more scientists should rely on measurements.

  • We can never achieve a big step forward if we stay within the same concept

  • ‘Logic based activities will be taken over by smart robots. In the future mankind will focus on creativity and empathy’.

Delphi Consortium


Speakers Academy


The mission of the Delphi Consortium is to develop breakthroughs in the geo-imaging technology for the geo-energy industry.
Today, 30 international companies finance the Delphi research program.

The combination of data science and domain knowledge is presented. More over, informed predictive analytics is considered a key technological development that may revolutionize the way we look at the future. 

Speakers Academy offers the world top speakers that inspire audiences in the areas of: Science - Technology - Economy - Marketing - Management - Sustainability - Leadership - Societal Trends - Entertainment - Politics.

Hearing with spectacles.
It is Varibel’s philosophy to amplify sound as naturally as possible while at the same time maximising your ability to understand speech in all situations, even the most noisy and difficult ones.

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